Frequently Asked Questions - Job Seekers

  1. What is Jackson Pharmacy Professionals?

    1. Jackson Pharmacy Professionals is a full-service pharmacy staffing agency providing specialized pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to settings nationwide for contract assignments, contract-to-hire and permanent placements.
  2. What makes JPP different from others in the industry?

    1. Our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are some of the best in the business, so we partner with highly-desirable pharmacies nationwide to offer them the jobs they want most while providing them with a job matching process that's personalized to their needs. Because we put you first, 94% of our pharmacists are still employed one year after their initial contract, exceeding the industry average of 85%. We strive to foster the values of Jackson Healthcare in everything we do.
  3. Do you only provide temporary solutions to Pharmacy Professionals and Pharmacies?

    1. No. We have many solutions available including temporary short-term and long-term assignments, per diem/relief for last-minute coverage, interim leadership, contract-to-hire, as well as direct hire/permanent placements.
  4. Do you offer benefits?

    1. Yes! We have full medical, dental, vision, and 401(K) available to full-time employees. Visit our Benefits page here.
  5. Do you have a referral program?

    1. Absolutely! Learn more about our referral program here.
  6. What advice would you give to newly licensed Pharmacists?

    1. Be sure to do your research about the preferred skill set in your setting of interest. For example, although a residency is not required for a clinical position, it is highly preferred and may provide a competitive edge! If you aren't sure exactly which setting you're most interested in, remain flexible! Try different settings and continue to building your professional network in the industry.
  7. What are some interview tips that are helpful to landing my next placement?

    1. a. Always come prepared with questions for your interviewer and do your research into your potential employer. It's also important to note how your specific experiences can be beneficial towards the role you are pursuing.
  8. Can I find a permanent position working through Jackson Pharmacy Professionals?

    1. Yes, our end goal is to place our employees permanently with clients as often as possible. Even when starting on a strictly contract basis, our team members are often considered first when permanent positions become available at their contract assignment.
  9. How can Jackson Pharmacy Professionals help me be successful?

    1. Whether you're searching for relief work to keep up your clinical skills, want travel contracts across the U.S, or prefer a permanent career change, our award winning recruitment team is available to not only find you jobs, but give you the interview advice that will put you ahead of the competition and keep you updated on industry related news that will help you meet your personal and professional goals.