Is a Career as a Traveling Pharmacist (or Pharmacy Technician) Right for You?

High demand for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians across the U.S. allows pharmacy professionals to take advantage of a rare opportunity to care for patients while traveling to their favorite places. Here are just a few of the benefits of travel work:

Security and Flexibility

Agreeing to short and long-term assignments across the U.S. means you can work year around without experiencing the "burnout" you might endure by staying in one place. You'll also get the flexibility to take longer vacations or visit loved ones on breaks between assignments.

Competitive Salaries

Travel positions often include housing and meal stipends on top of your regular pay. This means you earn more!


You have the opportunity to constantly learn new skills, specialties and techniques by working in different settings and locations.


If you enjoy travel or maybe even have a “gypsy soul,” working as a traveling pharmacist allows you to explore new locations and cities across the U.S. without sacrificing the security of a salary and benefits.

Networking and Advancement

Growing your experience and your pharmacy network can only aid you in building your reputation in the industry. Travel jobs give you the rare opportunity to do more, learn more, and become more.

Contact us to learn more about the perks of traveling or search and apply directly to travel jobs online.

We have used Jackson Pharmacy Professionals for our short term staffing needs for over a year at most of our facilities. We are extremely pleased with the quality of both Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians. They are both professional and doctor/patient oriented; something that we pride ourselves on.

- William Y. Pharmacist, Community Pharmacy