Frequently Asked Questions - Employers

  1. What is Jackson Pharmacy Professionals?

    1. Jackson Pharmacy Professionals is a full-service pharmacy staffing agency providing specialized pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to settings nationwide for contract assignments, contract-to-hire and permanent placements.
  2. What makes JPP different from others in the industry?

    1. Our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are some of the best in the business, so we partner with highly-desirable pharmacies nationwide to offer them the jobs they want most while providing them with a job matching process that's personalized to their needs. Because we put you first, 94% of our pharmacists are still employed one year after their initial contract, exceeding the industry average of 85%. We strive to foster the values of Jackson Healthcare in everything we do.
  3. Is using a Staffing Agency affordable?

    1. Yes, providing you with quality staff at a very reasonable price is always our goal. Because the process of hiring directly is expensive and time consuming, Jackson offers a bill rate that typically equals your hiring cost but with a quality outcome delivered by experts in the field. Not only will an award winning recruitment team find you the employee that fits your specialization, but they'll pass an extensive screening process that includes drug and background screening, license verification, competency exams, and references from previous employers.
  4. I'm having high turnover at my pharmacy- what would you recommend?

    1. We use the ‘Temp-to-Hire' model to reduce turnover. While the economy is definitely on the mend, unemployment is still high. Even though this may seem like an employer's dream labor market, the current labor surplus makes hiring new employees challenging in different ways. One state reports a turnover rate of 22.7% among pharmacy technicians.
  5. Tell me more about the employee guarantee - how does that work?

    1. Jackson will help ensure you make the right hire every time. We have a guarantee on all of our employees and in the event it's not a good fit (for any reason), we will find a replacement without any additional fees or charges. Hiring employees directly can be costly, especially when they don't work out. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the price of a bad hire is at least 30% of the employee's first-year earnings, not to mention the effect it can have on workplace morale.
  6. How does using Jackson Pharmacy Professionals work? What does the process look like?

    1. After the initial conversation about your pharmacy's unique staffing challenges, we turn your need over to our award winning recruitment team who will locate and screen candidates for your pharmacy's best fit. We have a database of thousands of Pharmacists & Technicians, as well as access to pharmacy-specific recruitment resources. We take into consideration the candidate's background and skill set, any site-specific requirements (i.e. PGY1/PGY2, prior management or computer system experience), geographical location, pay range, etc. and can start setting up interviews ASAP. From there, our clients choose the best fit for their pharmacy and the candidate can start working right away.